Natural Hair

Isn’t it interesting how we’re all born in our own special, unique way, entering the world with a blank slate in front of us which we can design in any way we see fit along the way? The idea that yeah, maybe it’s all destiny, but in a way, no matter what you believe in, birth is as fresh a start as you’re ever going to get.

Weird start to a post about loving your natural hair, wouldn’t you say? Yeah me too, but the point is that what we’re born with is ours, and it’s unique and special and so completely our own thing that you would not even realize. So I find myself having this strange dilemma with myself about how I should view everything I was genetically given, and one of the specific things I wrangle with the most is the color of my hair. My hair was blonde when I was really young, and as time went on, darkened and eventually settled on the color it is now, which is filled with blonde highlights.

Let me say this- I personally cannot ever fully enjoy my brown hair. I always feel like it falls short and doesn’t draw the attention I want to specific parts of my face, so I do really love the fact that I decided to go mostly blonde. The struggle I face is simply the idea that I can’t appreciate my natural hair as much as I wish I could, and change it to somewhat make it conform to a more conventional ‘beautiful’ color. It’s not that I necessarily think I’m dying it because I want to be conventional, but I think the first time I did it, I could owe it partially to that thought.

I think that the longer I have it blonde, the more I can’t conceptualize the idea of going back to brown, but in a way, the more distance I find with the color, the more I appreciate my hair for the parts that are still there. It’s a strange feeling- it’s as though changing one little thing I didn’t love has allowed me to fully embrace all the parts I was slightly iffy about.

So I don’t really know if I’m even making an argument today, but what I do know is that I think I reached a conclusion to the conundrum I’ve been having. Maybe it’s not always about loving everything about yourself right now, but loving and respecting yourself enough to love everything, even if it means tweaking a couple physical aspects here and there. So natural hair- gotta love it, because it’s yours and unique and I’m sure beautiful, but maybe adding that color that you’ve been dying to try out on it isn’t the worst idea in the world.


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