Braidz for Dayz

Struggle I’ve had all my life: deciding how to style my hair in the morning so as not to be too repetitive.

Solutions I’ve found: curl scrunch stuff or braids when I feel a little spicy.

Perhaps one day I’ll go on a rant about the curl scrunch stuff, but today is more about braids- yes, that hair style that you probably used and overused when you were 6 years old and still used scrunchies with fairies on them. But this is a new, updated form of braids, a form that there’s no way you’ll ever get tired of it, and it’s most certainly not childish.


a clearly beautiful picture of me rocking the braid look

Braids are no longer those simple pigtail braids that pull little kid’s hair away from their face while maintaining their cuteness- today, thankfully, braids can go from being those classic styles to more intricate and badass, cool styles, like boxer braids or a strange form of fishtails. And here’s where I can begin showing you the beauty of braids.

First things first: they can turn any outfit from bleh to wowza. A single braid or a pair of them can bring that extra spice your outfit might need that day, especially if you’re looking to add some edge to it- boxer braids are the perfect style (super easy and looks awesome).

Second: braids are perfect for the several (many) bad hair days you may encounter throughout your year. They put all your hair in one spot, one place where they can’t really move from, but at the same time manage to make it look like you have your life together and actually have yourself somewhat figured out (it’s all about appearances sometimes

Yes, I know, this list is short. But I feel like this argument would be greatly improved if you were to check out my pinterest board on hair styles (here) which is chock-full of braid inspiration. Or perhaps you’d like to check out my many attempts at braid pigtails below, which I usually like to decorate with a nice hat (baseball caps are such a great go to- more on that to follow eventually).

So if you trust me (and you should), braids are the future, and I guess the present and past, but I like the dramatic flare. If you’re unsure of how to do more intricate braids, like dutch or fishtail, here are a few good links for tutorials:

Zoella- How To: Super Easy Dutch Side Braid 

How To: MilkMaid Braid Up-Do

Carli Bybel- How To: Dutch/French Braid Your Own Hair

Easy Fishtail Braid Tutorial

And lastly, have fun with it! They’re supposed to be a cool, fun addition to your everyday outfit, and whether you’re working out or just going for a stop at the grocery store, you’ll never feel boring whilst rocking them.



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