The Pitfalls of Love

Lying there with our hands slightly grazing; a curious thought entered my mind.

What if I stopped caring about the pitfalls of love? What if being with him, became all that mattered?

Living and breathing his soul was enough to spark any flame, no matter how dim. The life bursting from his every fibre was contagious and consuming. It’s all I wanted and all I craved. His eyes were stars and his soul a galaxy, filled with all the adventure waiting to be fulfilled. He was the cigarette that needed a light, and I was the void that needed filling.

Glancing over I peered into his eyes and watched our future unfold. I watched as he took my heart and moulded it for his keeping. I watched as he kept it safe, loving me endlessly until he finally damaged it, ripping it into shreds. I saw my heart, in millions of pieces, scattered among the floor; and I knew that in the end, I’d end up where I am now. Broken and scared and determined not to love.

-Excerpt from a book I will never write #969 // the pitfalls of love // @itsmaddisonrusso



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