Friend Love

The love between two friends can be sparked in a second, by simply laughing at something at the exact same moment or catching each other’s eye and knowing the same thought is running through your heads. Love between friends happens quickly — within a week you are sending ugly Snapchats and insulting each other and pouring your heart out over a bottle of wine.

See, it’s easier with friends – there’s no expectations, no need to wear spanx on every date or buy a salad when you really want a burger. From the get-go, you can be authentically yourself and there is something liberating and beautiful about that.

You can be brutally honest with each other and tell them things you know they don’t want to hear because they need to hear it. You can tell them if their outfit isn’t on point or that their behaviour has been a bit shitty without them not talking to you for days. You can fight with them, say things in the heat of the moment and know that you’ll sort it out; you’ll be okay because your friendship is stronger than that.

You can survive distance because you know that texts and Skype are enough to sustain your friendship and you don’t have to be jealous of them spending time with other women while you’re not there; in fact, you encourage it because you don’t want them to be alone and you know you will always be their number one. And some days, your conversation will exist only of memes or emojis but you’ll both know exactly what the other is trying to say.

Your person will encourage the parts of you you’re afraid to let shine, they will pick up the pieces when you feel as if your world is falling apart and they will be the one cheering you on.

Love with a best friend is like falling in love with yourself.

It’s finding someone who gets the unedited, unfiltered, version of you within a week, sometimes just a day and cherishes it, loves it, wants it for their rest of their life, no matter what.

-@rosie_jane91 (@thoughtscatalog // instagram)


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