Hello friends! Another month has rolled around to the 13th day, and so here we are- another little tidbit about my life, except this time there’s going to be several small informational tidbits rather than one big one. So here we go-


-Song (at the moment): Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

-Band: The Beatles

-Artist: Ed Sheeran

-Book: The Harry Potter series (only books I’ve ever actually reread)

-Blog: Tall and Preppy (check it out- Elizabeth is the fashion queen man)

-TV Show: Sherlock (A+++)

-Movie: Jersey Boys or Love Actually- it’s really unclear

-Country: Australia

-State: California

-Season: Spring

-Color: Yellow

-Hobby: Reading or writing

-Painting: Starry Night probably

-Writer: Rupi Kaur (amazing)

-Shop: Urban Outfitters or Free People

-Meme: If I’m going to be honest, it’s the Italian ones

And that concludes our little game of Giorgia’s random favorites- hope you enjoyed! Till next time!



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