Ah, yes the time is coming back around, that time for crazy dress drama and Facebook pages meant to qualm it, a sudden destruction of the dreams you had been building since you were young. It’s prom time again, and that can only mean one thing- craziness.

Of course, that’s not a bad thing. Craziness can mean that you’re having a great time trying on all the dresses that were once forbidden from you, prancing around and playing dress up at last. So let’s try to think about prom season once more, perhaps in a more realistic way, but keeping in mind that it’s supposed to be a time to remember, not one to regret.

So I guess the best way to go about this is to explain my own prom search story, and hopefully give you a couple tidbits here and there to help you prevent some mistakes I may have made myself.

I think I went out like four or five times, trying to figure out what exactly I wanted and the color and the shape and the length and the price and what my style angle was supposed to be. To be honest, I had no idea what I wanted and how I was going to find it, and I was really hoping it would just hit me out of left field. And I guess in a way, it did hit me, but I sort of decided to ignore the signs. Let me start at the beginning.


The first few times I went out I went to proper dress shops, those shops that had rack after rack of sparkly dresses that swept the floor and moved beautifully. I can’t say that I wasn’t overwhelmed, because I was so taken aback that I could barely try on enough, or would keep trying on so many that we’d end up making an hour trip into a four hour escapade. On a one off, my mom and I decided that browsing the racks of Free People and Urban Outfitters might give me some kind of inspiration. So we went in with open minds, and narrowed the search to three dresses, even though one kept coming back to me. It was beautiful and hit my body everywhere I wanted it to, but the size was too small. I remember my heart breaking at leaving it in the store, but I moved on, determined to find something better.

The month before prom I was still dressless, and at that point we started freaking out. It felt like everyone had found one, and I was the only one who was still frantically searching (very far from the truth might I add). So one day my mom convinced me to let her buy the dress, the first Urban one I had fallen in love with, and as soon as it came, I knew that was it. I slipped into it and felt beautiful, felt like the dress was made for me. And that was it- that was when I knew I had found the one.

FullSizeRender 30

So I guess in a way, the search for prom dresses was an adventure. It was all about how I looked at myself in the mirror and shopping on bad days was always a bad idea that I realized only too late. When I went out I knew I had to be positive, look at the glass as half full, and then I would be able to try on dresses and feel beautiful in some lighting. Dress shopping was a wild journey, and it was one I will always remember, but a very rewarding one at that- I mean, the dress is still sitting in my closet and fully capable to be used once more.

So best of luck with your endeavors- may the odds be ever in your favor!



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