The Girl With A Soft Heart

A girl with a soft heart often gets hurt.

When she finds someone that she can see a future with, she puts in all of her energy, but instead of appreciating that and returning the gesture, people take advantage of how sweet she’s being. They think it means they can use her. That they can avoid her texts, put in less effort, and that she’ll still stick around.

She’s the type of girl that sees the best in people. She ignores their shattered pieces and focuses on what’s left.

She’s genuine when she loves. She’s trying to make a broken person see their worth. She believes in spreading happiness, encouraging positivity. She wants to cause smiles, not confusion, not tears.

But she keeps getting screwed over, because she’s an emotional daredevil. She’s willing to take risks in the name of love. She’ll set aside time for someone, clear out her life to make room for them, and let them into every nook and cranny.

But most people aren’t interested in exploring her soul. They’re only interested in keeping her close, but not too close. And when the first problem pops up, they always walk away. They were always meant to leave.

But she’s the kind of person that wants to fix what’s broken instead of calling it a lost cause. She has too much hope to let go of a good thing.

She keeps getting screwed over, because she never stops. Never stops loving. Never stops caring. Never stops trying.

It’s always the other person that stops. That ends something that could have been spectacular.

But she isn’t ashamed of her soft heart. She knows that people have abused it in the past, and will attempt to do so again in the future, but she’s smarter now. Pickier.

Now, she can sense when someone wants to take advantage of her warmth and when someone genuinely appreciates all she has to offer. So she’s going to try to be more careful. She’s going to save her love for someone that has earned it.

She knows that person is out there somewhere, even if they are years away from meeting — and she knows that their heart is just as soft as the one beating inside of her.

-@hollyyrio (via @thoughtctalog // instagram)


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