Visiting and Narrowing It Down

Now that you have your list and you’re ready to visit, there’s just a couple things you have to sort out before leaving. The most important thing that you should focus on is actually planning the trip first. Just try to figure out the order you want to hit up the schools in- I recommend going to the one that’s furthest from your house and working your way back, making sure to factor in some breaks along the way. I think the best idea would be to work through two colleges max a day so you’re not too overwhelmed by it.

Now, once you’re packed and you’re ready to hit the road, the hard work begins again. As soon as you get to campus, make sure to get your phone ready for some pictures and a pen ready for some notes. It’s important to record what your experience was like and how you feel on campus because if you look at so many colleges, they’ll start to blend together and you won’t be able to distinguish between them.


Visiting William and Mary in August of 2014

Visits are important because as soon as you step on campus, there’s an atmosphere that will hit you right away and whether you like it and want to be there for four years will be known to you very quickly. There aren’t many questions with your gut feeling and honestly you’ll be able to get it only if you go there in person. So if you feel like it’s right and you found a place you could call home, then that’s when you know to give it the green light. But as soon as you feel some mild discomfort of as though you don’t really fit in or like it, then it’s time to cross that place off the list.

Happy visiting!

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