Alright, here’s the toughest part- getting those letters of acceptance, or rejection, back in the mail or online or wherever you might find them. If you did early, then you’ll be getting your letters back in early December or January. If you did regular, then you’ll be getting your letters back in March or April. Whenever you’re getting the letter back, I will begin by telling you good luck, but continuing by telling you a little more about the process.

So I only applied to one college, and thankfully, got in on early decision. I remember the moment as if it were yesterday, so I’ll tell you a little about it to tell you a little about the process.

It was a chilly day, and the decision was to come out at 6 pm. I remember it was a Monday, and I had just come back from a swim meet at around noon. I had gone to school for about an hour, and then come back at around 3:00 to try and do some homework and ignore the fact that the decision was coming out that day. So I worked (or pretended to) until 5:15, and realizing I had done nothing, I pulled up some Netflix and stressfully tried to enjoy it. The clock seemed to tick slower and slower, and when 5:57 finally came around, I logged unto the website and started refreshing like a madwoman. I refreshed and refreshed until 6:00 finally came around. And suddenly I refreshed and the page finally showed me a link to get me to find out the decision, at which point I hesitantly clicked it, and found my letter online. To my extreme relief, the letter began with a nice, “Congratulations!”

I remember staring at the letter for 13 minutes, half between disbelief and tears, and slowly got up and ran downstairs to celebrate with my anxiously awaiting family.

Now, I know not every story ends like mine, but I know there’s got to be at least one for every student. And I can’t really speak to rejections, though I know they’re extremely hard to work through and they’re some of the most debilitating and disheartening things to go through. If you have a friend or a sibling or family member or you yourself go through a rejection, make sure to take time to talk it through for a little and then start to focus on the bright side of life again, focus on the positive and beautiful parts of yourself and your intelligence and the fact that there are so many other places in the country you can still wind up.

So even though it’s pivotal and extremely important, make sure to breathe and get through the time with family and friends- enjoy the ride while you’re still on it!


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