Getting Ready To Leave

Well, my friend, you’ve made it. You’re finally there- you know where you’re going to school and you know where you’ll be living and hopefully some type of contact has occurred between you and your future roommate(s).

Now, this is what is arguably the most fun and exciting part of the entire process. Not only do you get to finally move in and begin the full college experience, but you also finally get to see what it’s all about. You get to decorate those bland walls and fluff your bed just as you want and you have full authority on how your living space will appear. You have the ultimate say now, and it’s nothing if not powerful.

Anyways, you aren’t there yet. You still gotta pack and get mentally ready and get excited for the day of, so there’s really not much I can tell you. What I do want to tell you is list a couple of essentials you may not have thought of, as well as give you some links for ideas.

Random Essentials:

-Jewelry holders- you don’t realize how much jewelry you have until you can’t find a place for it

-Party clothes- you can never be too prepared for the themes

-Scale- keep off that freshmen 15!

-Cool decorations

-Umbrella- the rain is a lot worse when you have to walk everywhere

-Journal- lovely for the moments you have too many emotions

I know it’s a short list, so here’s a couple links for a couple more ideas. Good luck!


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