Now that everything is stuffed into your car, including some people and yourself, you’re ready to roll up to that college campus and find your dorm and from there your room- one thing I want to start with: good luck man. And I certainly don’t mean that in a mean or rude way, but in just a ‘I have been there and it’s rough and I’m sorry’ kind of way.

Ok, let me be helpful since it may seem like I’m being a little annoying right now. However you manage to get to school, you won’t be alone as soon as you reach campus. There’s usually groups of upper classmen helping you move in, dragging giant bins to throw your stuff in your room and then move on to help some other fellow freshmen.

So, let’s talk about when that moment finally happens. Moving in is overwhelming, no matter where you’re going, but the good thing is it’ll fly by and it’ll be that kind of memory that you sort of smile at but also avoid thinking about as much as possible.

It might feel like everything is happening at once, as though it’s almost too overwhelming to process in the moment so you just go through the motions and hope you’re doing the right thing. Perhaps you may feel like you’re living in the moment enough, like you’re not enjoying it enough, but I promise you that’s how it happens. Everyone goes through it, and everyone comes out on the other side a little stronger, a little different from the first moment you showed up on that campus.

So yeah, arriving is a lot, perhaps a little more than you may expect, but I promise you that no matter how cringe-worthy or emotional arriving and moving in is, it’ll be a moment you’ll always treasure. So just enjoy it, just live in that moment, and have fun!

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