The College Experience

Ok, yeah sure, I may not be the best to be commenting on this topic as I’ve only just finished two semesters in college, but they happened and they were definitely amazing. And since I’ve been ‘there and back’, but am also in the middle of it, I’d like to indulge in a bit of storytelling on some things you can expect from such an experience.

Starting with the living situation, we can talk about how some chaos and emotions will probably swirl around the room in most cases. Even when you get along with your roommate(s), living with another person is almost always sure to bring up emotional battles that you would’ve never foreseen and some sort of anger that might’ve stayed better hidden. Besides all this, I truly believe that living with others helps you grow as a person because you can start to find parts of yourself you would’ve never thought you’d find, both in the positive and negative aspects. Some things to always remember are to try to respect those who live with you, as well as making sure you set the clear boundaries you need. In that case, you should be ok.

Another thing you can expect is to make a ton of new friends, but with this, remember that it’s all right if you don’t remain friends with all of them. Some might not even make it past the first semester. And that’s going to be ok. What you have to keep in mind is that there is every possibility that you will meet friends that will last you a lifetime, and such friends take time to make. They come after trials you never thought you’d face, and those friends are often the ones that stand by you when it feels like it’s impossible to breathe. You may not meet them the second you come to campus, or they may very well be the first group of friends you ever encounter. Either way, you’ll be sure to leave college with a couple of them.  

Workload is not the same. Not only is it harder, it’s also way different from anything you’ve done in high school. Most of the work is on you and there is no one looking over you to make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to do and that makes the responsibility completely yours. It may be scary, but it’s part of the process. And I can promise that by the end of this long and perhaps painful process, there is the immense reward of knowing how much you’ve changed and improved over time. You’re not going to regret the effort you put forth.

So yes, you’ll change and experience 100 new things in such a short time that you’ll barely realize how much life may be flashing you by at the time, but it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget. Always remember that, and keep a smile on your lips- it will get better, I promise.


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