What She Deserves

I’ve watched her fall apart, crack at her weakest spots. I’ve seen hot tears spill out of her broken blue eyes, seen her body shake and shudder under the terrible weight of expectations she’s been trained to place on herself.

You stand there and laugh with her, dance to the loud music together, but only know how to dump your own cargo on her, never taking on any yourself.

Then your small mouths spill secrets and ideas into the dark night, falling upon unsuspecting ears, and always winding their way down the grapevine to land in my lap.

I will not tolerate such ideas, such comments until I watch you gather her up, watch you take her broken pieces and stitch her back up. I won’t stand for it until you’ve dealt with her acid tears and scathing comments and pulled her walls down and held her tight until her angry breathing has subdued to a calm sleep. Until you’ve loved her as I have and seen her in the ways I have and not backed down, not backed off because you know she’s more than worth it. Until you believe she deserves more than this world has to offer and have attempted to give it to her.

Not until you’ve been where I’ve been will I let your childish comments affect me.

-Giorgia Piantanida


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