Dresses in Winter

Such a specific topic, you might say. But I strongly believe that there’s a good amount to be learned and talked about in it. I mean, how do you style them, which types do you wear, when would you wear them, so on and so forth.

Let’s start with why I’m making this post. The reason why is because I love wearing them during the winter- I love the theoretical side of it at least. But when it actually comes down to wearing them, I shy away because I’m never quite sure of how to wear them around and keep warm. Nevertheless, they’re such a cool staple that it’s hard to ignore this trend entirely.

Anyways, let’s start with what kind of dresses I would recommend wearing. All winter, I like to stick to dresses with slightly heavier fabric, so the parts of my body that are actually covered can remain pretty warm. I like to look for long sleeves for the reason of warmth as well, and ones that have darker colors, as they are more wintery and weather appropriate.

Now, when I wear a dress in the winter, I like to wear a pair of tights to keep my legs relatively warm. Usually when I buy them I try to make sure they’re thick, and make sure to get them in a plethora of colors. It’s always handy to have different colors so you can use them to play up your outfits in new, fun and different ways. I also think it’s fun to pair them with boots as it plays with the length of the hem of the dress and adds to the wintery effect of the outfit. I also make sure I have a nice, heavy jacket to stay nice and toasty while making any kind of movement outside.

That leads to when I would wear them. I’d have to say that there is never a bad time to wear them, unless it’s extremely frigid outside or you’re going to, I don’t know, work out. Although it may feel like a spicy and ‘out there’ decision, it will pay off because you’re going to feel banging all day. Don’t feel embarrassed or shy to rock what you’ve got, and if you want to rock a dress- you got this!

So to wrap this up, let me just say- the best fashion choices tend to be the ones that feel the riskiest. So go out there and dress to impress my friends.


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