Friends You’ll Make In College

There’s this interesting phenomenon as soon as you get to college, and it has everything to do with your living situation and being thrown into sudden independence. By being thrown into such a situation, the friends you make are likely to be wildly different from those you had back home. From personal experience, I can say that although this difference might seem negative, it’s actually pretty amazing. The friendships back home tend to simply take on different characteristics than the ones in college.

One of the things that changes drastically is the amount of time you spend with each other in college rather than only when you’re at school or only when you’re at practice. It changes everything because in college, they end up seeing your most vulnerable moments as well as your best moments, even if you try to avoid humans during those highs or lows. They become your best friends, your siblings and your family away from home all wrapped up in one.

Another thing that changes is you’re all independent now, so the risk of consequences by some kind of authority figure decreases. This often leads to people acting in ways they wouldn’t otherwise, and those actions are often negative. In college, it becomes much more likely to see outbursts of emotion and tensions run high without people feeling the need to hide them as much. Perhaps this is because they can go back to their room and be angry without explaining themselves, or perhaps because it feels like emotions are always everywhere, and airing them out isn’t the worst thing in the world.

These friends that you’ll decidedly make in college are among the most interesting and closest relationships you’ll ever make or have. They’re relationships that become a part of you, rather than just being extensions of who you are. They fill up the parts of you that you never realized were missing, and integrate completely and wholly into your life. These relationships will be carried in your heart for the rest of your life, and you will treasure these moments that you have with them until your heart stops. So don’t let them go to waste, no matter how scary it might be to jump into such friendships. Best of luck my friends.



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