Day In The Life

So here’s a little early about me post, but in a slightly different format. Lately I’ve been feeling like I need to let you guys in on my day to day life a little more, to let you guys know exactly how I spend my days. So this post is my first attempt at getting more in touch with you guys, and explain my lack of presence sometimes. Along with this post, I’m also going to be keeping you guys thoroughly updated from day to day this coming week. Get excited!

So today, Wednesday, July 12, will be a very busy day for me. Not only because I have lots to do, but because between going to work and working out I just end up exhausted by the end of the day.

The alarm goes off at 5:15, probably the earliest I wake up all week, though I do it every week. Since I’m a swimmer, I have practice at 6 in the morning each Wednesday and have to wake up at the proper time. Practice is 2 hours long, so it wraps up at 8, at which point I have about 45 minutes before I start work. Since I work in the same place that I swim, I use those 45 minutes to relax and get ready, usually just reading and chatting with my coworkers as they show up. During this break I also try to eat some kind of substantial breakfast, as working for three and a half hours is rough. I’m a coach for swimming, teaching young kids how to swim and I have to be in the water for the whole thing- it definitely gets difficult after a while.

After I drive home, I have two workouts to get through. First, I’ve got a workout through my Nike+ workout app (10/10 would recommend). Along with that workout, I’m also going to be doing an ab circuit, as you can never have too many ab workouts, am I right? And in all honesty, it just feels good to feel like you accomplished something.

Then I have a nice break before I have anything else to do, so I’ll probably just relax, perhaps watch some Netflix and try to tick off some things on my to do list. My sister and I will be hitting the gym at 5:00, so we’ll probably get ready to get going at about 4:25, and we’ll be there until about 6:15. It’s going to be a tough workout, full of cleans and deadlifts, but definitely rewarding as when we get back home we’ll be ready to feast together as a family. After we eat dinner, with hopefully a little dessert, we’ll hang out a little and perhaps watch some TV, before heading to bed for some well deserved rest.

So that’s a little outline of my day today, and I hope you’ll follow it along today, and for the next week, on my Instagram, @trendsandrelations, as well as my Twitter, @trendsrelations. Cheers!


One thought on “Day In The Life

  1. Christy B says:

    Hi Giorgia, nice to hear about your day and YES it does sound busy! I’m not up that early but I do go full force most days so I know what you mean about just wanting to relax come nighttime. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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