Reasons To Live

There is so much beauty, so much to see in this life that to try and make a complete list of reasons as to why you should let your lungs keep working and heart keep beating seems futile and impossible. I mean, how can I make a complete list that starts with the way the sun rises every morning in a spectacular fashion to a future that’s unimaginable but impossibly exciting?

So instead, to give you all some small reminders, I compiled a list of some reasons my friends have discovered. I hope you may find this list inspiring and that it may serve as a reminder of the beauty and grace that surrounds you every minute of every day. Make sure you treasure it- every moment, every second- and never forget to let that smile light up your beautiful face.

“-My amazing family and friends are always there for me and love me

-I like to think I might have a bright future ahead of me

-The thought of getting married and having kids

-There are so many amazing places I haven’t been, amazing people I haven’t met, and memories I haven’t made yet

-No matter how bad things may seem at times, the world always seems to have a way of working it all out”

“-Getting married and having kids and a family

-Graduate college

-To continue to see the world”

“Living is fun”

“I always want to see how much I can achieve”

“-Watching the sunrise because the world seems so still and calm at 5 am

-Sunsets on the beach

-Boat rides

-Waiting a week to watch the next episode of my favorite show and then grabbing all the blankets and snacks you need to watch it when the day comes

-The rush you get from playing lottery tickets even if you lose”

“It’s what everyone else is doing so it must be cool”

“-People care about you and you don’t want to hurt them

-There is always a possibility for improvement

-You can always grow from experiences

-If it doesn’t work out, you can always run away and start over”

“Spending time with family and friends and accomplishing my goals in school as well as professionally after school”


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