Ah yes, a trend I have always been fond of but always managed to shy away from it because the needle was always just a little too scary for me. When I was eleven, I got my ears pierced in Italy, somehow overcoming the immense fear that ran through my veins every time I imagined puncturing a hole in my ear lobe. And the actual act of getting the piercing went off without a hitch. I mean, it barely hurt, and suddenly having some shiny jewelry on my lobe made me forget all about the minimal pain. But then my friend had some issues with her own earrings, what with the skin growing over the back of them, and I pulled my earrings out and forgot all about them, letting the holes close all on their own.

Then, I finally ended up in college. My swim season seemed to fly by, and once it was over, I knew I wanted to do something fun to celebrate. I wanted to make sure that I would get something to commemorate the end of my first swim season, and I figured I would get my first holes again to spruce up my looks. And I finally did. I went into Philadelphia and found a trusty piercing shop and lined up to get pierced along with my friend who was ready for her cartilage piercing. And now, I can happily say I have my ears properly pierced.

But the main point of this is to talk about piercings, and more specifically the piercings I happen to really love, which are ear piercings. There’s something slightly uncomfortable to me about piercing other body parts, especially the more private ones, so I’m going to dodge chatting about those.

Ear piercings are great because they do a great job of attracting attention to one’s face, especially their eyes, and lighting it up naturally. Even when it’s a messy hair kind of day, they spruce up your looks enough to make it look like you’re trying a little bit more than usual. It’s also super fun to play with different types of earrings and colors and see how they completely change your look. Don’t fear the pain- the look will be worth it in the end.

Personally, I hope to make it to six piercings in total- 5 lobe piercings and a cartilage piercing. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on that progress (I currently only have 2 lobes so I’ve got a ways to go!).

Until next time!


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