My Weight Loss Journey

Ok, so this piece is a little hard for me to write. Besides the fact that this is my first piece for my fitness section (hurray!), this topic is a difficult for me to confront and discuss in such a public sphere. I mean, of course, I’m choosing to put this up, as I think it’s important for my overall journey to share my progress and the steps themselves.

So when I walked into freshman year in college, I was up 8 pounds since June, and had gained 17 in a year. The funny part is I didn’t even know until I pulled out my scale on a whim one day in August and was shocked to see the number. Let me explain. Before that point, I had never really thought about the size of my body too much. I ate what I thought tasted good, what I was in the mood for, and whatever the number on the scale was, I didn’t really care because I was completely oblivious to what it actually was. But at that point, when I saw my weight flux, I suddenly felt a need to change. And change I did.

Due to swimming and the cafeteria food, I started slimming down. As I started losing weight, I started to feel lighter and fitting into old clothes, and my confidence began to surge. I hit a weight low in February, and eventually I started going up again, what with the end of swimming and the beginning of finals. Then I came back home, and I was determined to lose weight, the step I’m currently in the middle of. And now that I’ve encountered weight loss in two different ways, I think I can talk about healthy ways to actually lose weight.

It’s important to try and stay balanced, so include a diet of some kind and exercise. As for the diet, I would say my favorite diet is one where you eat what you want, but size back the portions. This is mostly because I could never dream of giving up my chocolate or pasta, so just trying to scale back on amounts is usually enough.

As for exercise, I would say a mix of aerobic and weight lifting would be the best type of exercise. I myself am training for a half marathon right now, so I run four times a week and go to swim practice whenever I can. I also weight lift two times a week and try to do abs every day to keep them nice and engaged.

I think one thing that I find to be really helpful is that instead of thinking about becoming skinny, I’m trying to become stronger. I want to be able to see muscles developing on my body and feel myself become stronger than I was before.

Of course, I’m still in the middle of this journey, and of course I still have many obstacles to face before reaching my goals, but now that I’ve shared this story, I think I’m ready to face them. I’m ready to share my story with you guys as it changes from day to day and conquer the obstacles that are standing in my way. So thank you, and here’s to a fitter future!



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