‘Extra’ Gladiator Sandals

Ok, let me start by explaining what I mean by saying ‘extra’. As you probably know, there are your regular old gladiator sandals, you know, the ones that only really reach your ankle, and then there’s the ones that climb all the way up your calves until they reach your knee. The ones I’m talking about are the second kind.

The reason I bring these shoes up today is because I stumbled upon them when I was doing my research for prom, looking for a pair of sandals that would be comfortable and avoid giving me extra height for the night. I went on a search for the perfect pair, hoping for a black pair that would be comfortable enough to wear multiple times as well as spruce up my outfit for the big night. I ended up finding a pair at Free People, my go to unique pieces shop, and though I ended up paying a pretty penny for them, I can tell you it was so completely worth it. I mean, their effortless uniqueness and comfort is just too good to miss out on.

These shoes ended up being a great purchase because they’re so fun to wear with pretty much anything. They’re good with shorts, skirts (especially jean ones), long dresses that may show a little bit of your shoe, and as my personal favorite, with fancy dresses. They’re low key enough to be comfortable but at the same time keep with the theme of dressy and nice.

I personally have a pair that is lace up, but there are also zip ups. I really love my lace ups because you can adjust them to your calf size as well as how high you want them to climb. They may get a little annoying because they fall down your calf unless you tie them just right, but I think it’s so worth the investment. The thing about zip ups is that yes, they’re easier to deal with as they stay up by themselves without bothering you, but they are obviously still when on the person and may be too tight or too big based on the size of your calf.

Honestly, high gladiators are just a super fun and different staple that can completely change your closet and your look in the snap of your fingers. If you want to check them out, look at these links below, and good luck with your shopping!

FullSizeRender 41

Brown Sandals (on sale!)

Pom Pom Extravaganza

My Free People Pair

Braided Sandals


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