Stickers for Dayz

Ok, yes I know, very different topic today, but hey, it’s all about changing it up once in awhile, you know? I discovered this trend when I started college last year and everyone had them all over their water bottles and laptops. Let me tell you, it was a weirdly new concept to me.

Obviously I knew about stickers my whole life, but I had never really thought them as a thing I could use as a way to show my personality. As I started seeing more and more of them, I started purchasing a water bottle collection to decorate with fun new stickers, as well as splattering my laptop with them. It became kind of an obsession that I couldn’t stop as there were so many types of stickers I wanted.

Eventually, I stumbled upon Redbubble and found a whole new world of stickers. They have endless amounts of stickers, all made by artists on the website, and the types and amounts of them are amazing. I love the travel stickers, ones from The Office, and some made by artists with cool patterns and designs. I totally recommend checking out this site if you’re looking for some cool stickers.

Of course, there’s other places you can get awesome stickers. They’re practically everywhere if you look hard enough, and what I love about that is that they’ll always be reminders of the places you’ve been and memories you’ve made.

So if you want to get some stickers, here are some places to get your hands on them:

Redbubble: I mean, obviously, as I just talked it up so much, but they have so many different types and they’re priced well

Jolyn: They sell training swimsuits as well as fun bikinis and with every purchase, they give you a new sticker

-Dispensers: I find them mostly at diners, and they usually have some funny memes and remind you of great memories

-Disney: I mean, it’s great for memories of course, and they can be found anywhere on the parks as they hand them out almost constantly

Amazon: They have a plethora of options and tons of personality ideas, as well as ones made specially for laptops

-Random Brands Boxes and/or Stores: In order for stores to get more advertisements, some brands leave fun little stickers with their brand on them- watch out for them! (in places like Beats, Apple, Vans, etc.)



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