I Was Not OK

I'm scared. I'm so fucking scared. Writing this makes me nervous and I can feel the sweat pour out of every pore of my damned body (ok yes, this may also be partially related to the insane heat in my room but whatever). Over the past few months, hell, past year, I have not been … Continue reading I Was Not OK


What Is Home?

The never ending debate that I encountered throughout second semester of freshman year was trying to grapple with the idea of home. For many of us, it wasn’t just one place, one spot that we grew up in and would be going back to when summer began. But it was difficult to pinpoint one definition … Continue reading What Is Home?


(yes this is perfectly in time to reminisce the end of finals) There seems to be a strange relationship many people have with procrastination, one that has a relatively negative effect on their time keeping and goal orientation. The problems that a close relationship with procrastination is that although it may feel good in the … Continue reading Procrastination